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The Director of Catholic Education sets school Fees for the diocese. Accounts are forwarded at the beginning of each term.   If any genuine difficulty occurs in paying these fees, the Principal should be contacted regarding an arrangement appropriate to each case.

School fees are set at a minimum and presuppose supplementary assistance in each school from fundraising activities and voluntary work by parents if a school is to operate above the minimum level of efficiency.   Parents are expected to fully contribute in this regard, and they in turn can expect when all are doing this to the extent of their ability, that the school will operate at its maximum level of efficiency.

One of the essential values that the Catholic School endeavours to inculcate is a generous involvement in the society in which we live.   It is essentially expected then, that parents will lead the way by the example they set in this regard within the school community.


As mentioned above, the tuition component of the fees is set by CES and is the same for all primary schools in the Diocese. We as a school do not have any input into the setting of these fees.


The levies however are set by the school and are calculated to help cover the day to day operation of the school.

  • Air Con Levy – a family levy introduced to cover the replacement of aging airconditioners as the Queensland Government is no longer providing assistance to non Government schools for this.
  • IT Levy – a family levy introduced to cover the cost of equipping classrooms for digital learning eg interactive whiteboards, mobile laptop stations (COWS – “computers on wheels”).
  • P & F Levy – this money, along with other monies raised through tuckshop and the uniform shop is donated back to the school through the year to upgrade learning resources such as maths hands-on equipment, phys ed equipment, home readers, guided reading resources and library books.
  • Building Levy - these funds are used to offset the school building debt and maintenance costs
  • General Levy – This levy covers outlays such as arts and craft resources; Arts Council performances; curriculum based excursions; Visual Arts activities such as dancing; and classroom consumables such photocopying, binding, laminating and stationery.


For more information on Fees and relevant documents, visit the Catholic Education website.


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